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Use robust data cubes for insightfull trending analysis

Gain a comprehensive view of each student and streamline the management of records and processes with Parallel Campus. Reduce your administrative workload and get insights into school performance to help you serve students better.

Take advantage of real-time visibility into student data and classroom or school performance to proactively address potential issues before they become problems.

Get your students 360 view

Have students records - such as attendance , curriculum , descipline and extracurricular activities readily at hand so that you can respond quickly when parents or other contact you.

Optimize your work, and measure success

The famous phrase, "If you can measure it, you can manage it," definitely applies to successful educational efforts. Parallel campus gives you an efficient way to realize your student potential and also it tells what they can do in near future.

Mobile attendance register

With parallel campus mobile app module, you can mark attendance by mobile. It is time saving and reduces yearly cost of registers. It is easy to manage than registers.

After marking attendance on your mobile, data is automatically synchronized to the server and can be viewed instantly.