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A powerful solution for improving operational efficiency

Parallel Campus can provide the foundational tools and capabilities you need to quickly and cost effectively streamline the way you communicate with your school community and manage information.

Parallel Campus education solutions set the stage for measurable improvements in daily work processes, cross-departmental collaboration, and staff efficiency.

Grow and transform your educational institution

With Parallel campus software, you can help your institution to grow and transform in an efficient way. Parallel campus can help you gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance. As a result, you can use this insight to adjust business processes and to modernize legacy systems to help lower costs and improve productivity for better measurement and outcomes.

Solutions for Education built on Parallel campus provide the flexibility of deployment choice on-premises or in our cloud to transform for the future.

Compress time to insight and action

Parallel campus make smarter decisions faster with rich contextual and role-specific information that drives automation and streamlines execution.

Parallel Campus solutions can help improve the way you communicate and manage information.